[Amilo L] battery low-life

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Graham King

[Amilo L] battery low-life

Postby Graham King » Thu Nov 09, 2006 10:43

I bought my Amilo L7310W recently because it was, for what I need, a well-specced value model. But also, and importantly, because it claimed a 4.5 hour battery life.

Now, I never expected it to actually achieve that in normal use - but I did not expect to be lucky to get beteeen 1 and 1.5 hours. That sort of discrepancy is barely acceptable.

I started out with a 'memory training' programme of full charge/discharge/recharge cycles for the first four or five charges but it's never, yet, made 1.5 hours.

Any thoughts or tips?

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Postby Luc » Thu Nov 09, 2006 11:14

I've about 4H of normal work on 4.5 shown after recharge. Amilo Si1520.

Is your battery OK?

Graham King

Amilo battery low-life

Postby Graham King » Thu Nov 09, 2006 11:23

No idea, Luc ... it's the battery that came with the new machine. How can I check?


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Postby Mariner » Fri Nov 10, 2006 14:20

First of all go to control panel and power control to check, that your computer is assigned as a "notebook". This is to make sure that your CPU clock will slow down when using battery.

Secondly check that your display driver is doing the same thing, from your display driver control panel.
(For ex. in ATI display drivers this is called "power play" where you shoud choose "max battery life", when on batteries...)

My notebook (Amilo D1845) will consume out the battery in about 25 minutes, if CPU and display are running on full power under batteries. With "power play" activated, it will work up to 1h20m...
I'm using "Notebook Hardware Control" to clock down the CPU.

Graham King

Amilo battery low-life

Postby Graham King » Mon Nov 13, 2006 19:59

Thanks for your help - Mariner and Luc - it looks, now, like a duff battery. I've just done a test for Fujitsu Siemens tech support and it ran for exactly one hour ... in BIOS !!


Amilo Pro - short battery life

Postby src2000 » Sun Nov 19, 2006 21:28

The battery life can be as little as 30 m-40 minutes from full charge.
I bought the notebook with a Centrino processor due to the supposed long battery life. :x

Rarely can I use it without having to make a run for the power lead.
I think that there is a fundamental fault here and should be included in the battery replacement program.

As my Notebook is barely 18 months old, but I don't suppose that the company will be remotely interested.

There should be no need to change my configuration, but has anybody got any ideas?



Battery Life

Postby tfi049113 » Mon Nov 20, 2006 23:45


for the 7310 there are 2 different batteries supplied for that model.

A 4 Cell battery which boasts a life of 1hr 10mins max

A 6 Cell battery which boasts a life of 2hr 30mins max

So remove the battery and see how many cells it is by looking at the lable.

I would also suggest if you have bee sold the PC with the information incorrect you approach your reseller as they have mis informed you !!!


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Postby kosten » Thu Jan 11, 2007 22:33

Hi guys!

I have the same problem with my 7310. It claimed about 2.5 H battery-life.

But it works only 45 minutes with doing nothing on it, with the medium brightness of LCD panel.

Complete sh*t... :evil:

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