USB sockets are not recognised

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USB sockets are not recognised

Postby wbr4bruce » Tue Nov 07, 2006 14:18

My Fujitsu Siemens PC has XP Home edition, Windows Pentium P4.
It no longer recognises the USB sockets / inputs, ie my printer and memory sticks cannot be used.
Please advise how to resolve the problem, my local shop has suggested the mother board may need replacing, is this true?


Postby x3m » Wed Nov 08, 2006 0:53

Well it could be thrue but I wouldnt jump to conclusions, they are just trying to sell you some new hardware... Infact there could be some other things causing this... :roll:

First of all if you haven't already done so you should download the drivers for your motherboard (can be found here on somewhere...)

if you have already downloaded and installeed the drivers try looking in your bios, maybe USB is disabled there... (might need your manual to find your way around in there if you are not use to working around in the bios.) ((the manual can also be found here on somewhere if you haven't got it.))

if everything seems okay in the bios try looking in Start -> settings -> control panel -> System - click the hardware tab & enter "device manager"... go to "Universal Serial Bus controller" and expand it, check to see if there is any conflicts... if the usb is just disabled and there aren't any conflicts you can just right click it and choose enable.

Could also be that you need to upgrade your bios, but try everything else first, updating the bios isn't something you schould do unless you run into a problem that can't be solved in any other way...

if none og the above works for ya then I'm not really sure what else to suggest, but write back and I'll point you to someone who might have some other ideas... :)

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