pls help...i m from india..tell me where to go

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pls help...i m from india..tell me where to go

Postby vedanup » Wed Jul 12, 2006 10:21

hi. my name is anup and i m frm india..i have a fujitsu siemens computer details of which i have attached...i think there is a problem with the motherboard coz there is no power to motherboard...i showed it to my local vendor and he said tht the chip on the motherboard is shorted..and it cannot be replaced here...pls kno tht i m located in india and i have invested a lot of money in this computer (its very expensive in indian currency) but it is hardly 2 years tht ur computer got a major problem...before this it was workin sir pls help me resolve this problem asap..u can contact me on my cell no. 9969388898 netime..i also tried to contact to the fujitsu tech support in india but they said tht they only cater to the problems of laptops pda and handheld devices...i m even ready to send it to uk at ur service center or middle east....but for god's sake give me a solution...i really hope to get a positive response from a reputed company like fujitsu siemens as i trusted u, i wish tht u will give me a solution for this...thank you

1) Name:Anup Ved
2) Company Name:Home User
3) Address:16/52 Leela-Raj co-op hou soc,dahanukar wadi,gokhle rd.,andivli west,mumbai-400067,India.
4) Telephone no:022-29672661
5) Mobile phone no.:9969388898,9323431374
6) Fax no.:none
7) Email:

8) Model No.:MTR-D1567

9) Sr. No.(FPCA):YBES212065

10) Product No.:SCENIC W600,i865G

11) Configuration No.:COULDN'T FIND ON THE STICKER...Theres oneSYSTEM NO.:LKN:FKR-666301-047

12) Date of the Purchase:NOV 2004

13) Place of Purchase:INDIA

14) Problem / Issue:Motherboard not working.Showed to a local vendor...he says the chip on the board is shorted...needs to be replaced...hence no power on board...

15) How did the problem occur:dont know...

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Postby Bejje » Wed Jul 12, 2006 12:16

I checked your warranty and here's what I came up with:

3 years On-Site Service,Next Business Day (NBD) Response Time,local business hours,valid in France,Germany,United Kingdom and Spain.

Since you're not living in one of these countries I guess you must send the computer to one of them. I think you should try and call the UK supportcentre
// David


Postby vedanup » Thu Jul 13, 2006 9:42

thanks for replying...i called up at the UK service center..and told them tht i can send the motherboard to them ...but they want me to send the entire computer which is not it weighs more than 15Kg....pls give me a solution...thanks in advance...


pls respond guys...

Postby vedanup » Sat Jul 22, 2006 17:54

yes i contacted UK service center and also told them tht i can send the motherboard but they want the entire guys u tell me how is it possible...this computer was purchased in france and it was gifted to me by my sister....this is a very bad experience for me dealinf with fujitsu...henceforth i will never recommend ne1 to buy a fujitsu or a siemens product....being such a big company they cannot provide me a solution then in this case i feel really unfotunate tht i trusted FUJITSU....neways still hoping for a positive reply...thanks...

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Postby Business PC » Mon Jul 24, 2006 14:38

You're a funny guy!!

You (or someone else) buy a PC in France with a local warranty for France, Germany, United Kingdom and Spain - Sure, FSC is to blame for this.

Then you ship or move the PC to India. India is not covered by the warranty YOU (or someone else) have paid for - but how could FSC not know that you bring this PC to India?

Now it is defect and FSC UK offers you a possibility to get your guarantee repair - how awful of them.

But you're not willing to respect this and blame them here in the Forum and recommend to every1 of your friends not to buy such a product again -but you're right, it's all their fault!

You know, that almost every manufacturer offers something called "worldwide guarantee"? But bad luck, YOU have to buy it with this. And yes, this costs extra. Don't believe that the are psychic and can read in your thoughts that you will ship it to India.

So you have made the fault and FSC is now to blame for it?

Please, do us a favour, don't blame the bath suit if you can't swim.

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