how to setup wlan between loox720 and pc scaleo-p

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how to setup wlan between loox720 and pc scaleo-p

Postby hamau » Fri May 26, 2006 12:42

i have problems with setting up de wlan connection between the loox720 and the scaleo-p.
Who has a good advice to set up this network?

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Postby lizzard » Fri May 26, 2006 20:03


first off all there is a english speaking section for handhelds in this forum. maybe next use it.

what is the actual problem you have. please let us know more details and what software you are using.

is your loox a new factory device or is it running for quite some time now that you first tried to connect to wlan. have you been succesful with other device/components?


Postby hamau » Sun May 28, 2006 21:33

i am using the loox 720 over a year now. The FS scaleo P pc is new and so are my atemps to start a wlan connection with the loox and the pc.

the pc is running with xp prof and the loox has E2C prof installed.

Internet sharing is already setup, so via the usb and active sync i can go on the web with teh loox.
Now i like to do this via the wlan connection.
Some way they can not find each other, but the see both the seem network from the neighbours.

So do i need a router ore can it go directly??



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