faulty pc

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faulty pc

Postby missnashee » Wed Apr 12, 2006 18:17

In June last year my sister purchased a fujitsu seimens PC.
until 2 weeks ago she had had no problems with the machine whatsoever, then it began to run very slowly...after boot up she would get a warning to back up all files as a hard drive faliure was possible.
she reported this fault to fujitsu...and as expected an engineer came out and put in a new hard drive. This is where the problems really start.
I re installed her windows xp pro & all its drivers...and the machine was working as new. As it was quite late, she turned it off and retired for the night. The next morning, she turned it on and....it wouldn't boot up.
Straight away she phoned the help line...and was told that they could do nothing for her...it was a software problem.
I formatted the hd and once again re installed windows...this time I didn't put any other programs on...she had internet explorer...working fine, outlook express....working fine & microsoft word...working fine.
I shut the computer down on several occasions, and each time it booted up fine. She went to bed...got up the next day,,,,and the pc wouldn't boot up.
This time she called in a friends husband ...a computer engineer himself. he re installed windows...and all the bare bones programms as i had done...all worked fine...until the next day, when the pc once again refused to boot up.
can anyone throw any light on this....no one will help her. she's a complete novice pc wise, and has taken this pretty badly.
Please help


clean it

Postby flyingdutchman_nl » Sat Apr 22, 2006 16:35

hey man..
i had some sort of this problems too.
i had reinstalled windows because my pc wouldnt boot..only in safe mode.
after the reinstall ik kept the problem.
so i called the dutch helpdesk and told the story and they said i had to do a chkdsk(check disk).
after i done that my pc said there were some errors on my hard drive.
the lad of fujisu told me,that i need to reinstall again so that he will ignore the clusters with errors on them so that windows was totaly ok.
i done that and that didnt worked also.
the lad said my pc had to go to the factory.
once my pc was at the factory i was called by someone of fujitsu.
they said the main problem was the dust in my pc:P
it was so dusty that is was impossible to boot..
i said that was bullshit cuz my pc was able to boot in safe mode.
my pc returned home and i can see on the letter that 1 part was changed.
but they didnt told me what..
but the problem is over now..
the only thing now is that if i click:start/shutdown that i takes about 2 minutes for my pc showing the 3 buttons...
and when i finally pressed shutdown it takes 5 mins for my pc to shutdown.
so i dont know what fujitsu did but it wasnt great.
but maybe it will help for you to totally clean the inside of the pc so that it is totally dust free.


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