Ricoh RW8165 doesn't play cds or data dvds!

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Ricoh RW8165 doesn't play cds or data dvds!

Postby codpiece » Sat Mar 18, 2006 14:45

Hi guys,

I'm having a few problems with my ricoh 1865. It plays DVD videos fine but doesn't play CDs or even recognize that one is in the drive. I also have to open manually just to get them out. When trying to play data DVDs it gets stuck and makes a grinding noise at about 3 seconds intervals but nothing else. This was happening for a few weeks with no change so i changed firmware to 1.03 but nothing changed.

Does anyone have any ideas what i can do without buying a new dvd burner. Its obviously mechanically sound as it plays video DVDs fine.

Thanks in advance,



Postby Alzi » Sat Mar 18, 2006 21:19

You might want to try removing the screw fixing the DVD drive, then taking the drive out and pushing it back, then fixing it agian.
Also you can try the newer firmware 1.05, that you can get from FSC service.

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