Enlarge Memory on redundant Cluster S60

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Enlarge Memory on redundant Cluster S60

Postby ChristianS » Thu Oct 06, 2005 13:35

At my system I have 2 redundant Clusternodes TX300 (Win2k ADV Server) and 2 redundant S60. Until now this combination is working fine but also on its own limits. So I would like to replace some HDD's. <BR>I use the following configuration:<BR>Quorum Disk (1GB) + Oracle database (for historical data with 120GB) was builded with four disks (Raid 0+1) on each storage. Also I have 2 other disk also with Orcle databases.<P>Now the historical data use much more space as at the beginning of this project was calculated. So we have to change the disks with much more capacity. The most important point is the downtime: It should be as short as possible. <BR>Following steps I suggested to do:<BR>1) shutdown one clusternode1 and one storage node1.<BR>2) disconnect the storage node1 from storage node2 and from clusternode2<BR>3) replace the HDD's at storage node1<BR>4) config the new HDD's at the DDM<BR>5) reconnect the both storage nodes ???<BR>6) syncronize both storage nodes ???<BR>7) shutdown clusternode 2 and storage node 2<BR>8) replace the HDD's on storage node2 <BR>9) disconnect the storage node2 from storage node1 and from clusternode1<BR>10) enlarge the partition size of the storage node1, reboot<BR>11) config the new HDD's at the DDM<BR>12) reconnect the both storage nodes<BR>13) syncronize both storage nodes <P>Are this steps possible without any lost of data.<BR>Our software works fine if the server shutdown time is less than two hours. <BR>Is it possible to collect new data during the sync process?<P>I hope somebody can help me. Thanks.<BR>Regards <BR>Christian

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