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Primergy 350

Postby Lionel » Wed Feb 12, 2003 14:55

Hi,<P>I have an old D823 system board (I think it was from a Primergy 350). <BR>At the manual I found there is mentioned that the board supports Pentium 1's to 133 Mhz.<BR>But when i put a P133Mhz in it, it is recognized as a P90. How can i change that?<BR>

Re: Primergy 350

Postby » Wed Feb 12, 2003 15:28

That old Pentiums doesn't include any inside-info conserning speed. CPU Frequency depends only on external clocks. You can set it to 133 accordingly with manual mentioned (jumpers on motherboard).<BR>Sorry for my bad English.

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