Upgrade Lifebook A512

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Upgrade Lifebook A512

Postby Mikeekim » Tue Nov 15, 2016 8:55

Hi all.
Hi have a problem with my Lifebook A512
I need to replace the CPU but i want to upgrade from I3 3110M to I7 3632QM, this CPU I7 3632QM is for the same socket and have same TDP than I3 3110M, so is compatible 100% with my Lifebook A512, but the problem is with the bios.
My last bios was Phoenix v1.10 and now have the last firmware v1.21.
But i don't know if the bios Phoenix V1.21 that i have now can support this CPU.

Can someone solve me this doubt?

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Re: Upgrade Lifebook A512

Postby roo515151 » Tue Apr 30, 2019 10:49

Hi mikeekim, i am think of doing the same as you and changing the cpu to i7 3632qm, did you have any problems getting it to work (eg. did you have to adjust the bios for the fan speed).
I am also wanting to upgrade the ram, did you upgrade to 16gb or did you risk 32gb (which the cpu supports)

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