RAID 1 faulty drive replacement

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RAID 1 faulty drive replacement

Postby alexhend75 » Tue Apr 09, 2019 12:27

Hello, hope someone can help please.
Got a call from one of my customers yesterday to advise that their server (TX100 S3) was running really slowly.
Visited the site, checked the disk usage (which was up at 100%), loaded up RAID manager, and sure enough, one of the disks was degraded and rebuilding. It had only done 2% in the space of 7 hours though, so I figured this disk was toast. Halted the rebuild and put it offline.
I have a new replacement disk (same make and model). Haven't formatted it yet, but have run full WD diagnostic on it (all fine). I'm planning to swap this in on Friday, and let it rebuild over the weekend.
These aren't hot plug, so I'm just powering down the server, taking out the faulty one (checking serial number first to make sure I've got the right one). Connecting up the new one, and restarting. Do I need to do anything else or will it start rebuilding straight away? Have horrible visions of it mirroring in the wrong direction!
Any advice appreciated, have attached screenshot of where we are now.
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Re: RAID 1 faulty drive replacement

Postby Davie » Tue Apr 09, 2019 12:32

Should just be as simple as you suggest (and hope) - good idea to check the serial number first!

As long as the new disk is compatible, once the server boots up again it should start the rebuild automatically - you can monitor the progress in RAID manager. If it doesn't it may be because the new disk isn't "clean" - but RAID manager should allow you to force the rebuild

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