Fujitsu lifebook e744

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Fujitsu lifebook e744

Postby simeonRy » Mon Apr 01, 2019 10:40


i was wondering about the ram expansion possibilities of my fujitsu lifebook e744 (cpu 4702MQ). Intel states that the maximum ram module is 32gb. Depending the ram type. While fujitsu states that the e744 has a maximum expansion of a total of 16gb. Furthermore there are some inconsistencies about the ram type, i believe it can a maximum of 2 modules of a ddr3L 1600mhz so-dimm. Any suggestions about the maximum ram expansion? Can i order 2 modules of 16gb or is it better to place 2 modules of 8gb?

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Re: Fujitsu lifebook e744

Postby Eunhon » Fri Apr 05, 2019 1:45

Heyya! so, even though intel says the processor can function with 32gbs of ram. the motherboard in the laptop may not be able to handle it OR they may say it can take 16gb of ram and when you put 32gbs in, it'll still function properly with 32gbs of ram. I would say for the hell of it to get 2 16gb sticks and if it doesnt work then either return 1 stick or sell it.

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Re: Fujitsu lifebook e744

Postby daroca » Fri Apr 05, 2019 8:13

I tried that on an E754, didn't work. It's not about how much the CPU can handle but how the mainboard handles the comms between the CPU and the RAM.

32GB RAM (2x16GB) didn't work at all, and the 16 GB is limited to 2x8GB. 1x16GB doesn't work at all.
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