Reinstate disk after testing fail over process


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Reinstate disk after testing fail over process

Postby Jonathan_Knight » Tue Jul 24, 2018 9:47

Product: ET DX100 S4 BASE ENCL. 2.5 WO/CM

We've been testing the fail over process on these drives and as part of that we removed two drives from different arrays to cause the array to use the hot spares. One array was RAID10 and the other RAID6FR

We have two problems.

1. The fast recovery process for RAID6FR has been running for 5 days and reports that there are another 12 days remaining. We were expecting the fast recovery process to operate in less time than that.

Here's the current state:

Status Partially Exposed Rebuild (Fast)
RAID Level High Reliability (RAID6-FR)
Fast Recovery Configuration (9D+2P)x2+1HS
Fast Recovery Drive DE#02 Drive#3
Process Recovering
Progress 24 %
Estimated Time Left 12 day 15 h 35 min.
Remaining Size 7008353 MB
Stripe Depth 64 KB

2. We're unable to reset the error state for the disks. We're more familiar with Dell hardware where a failed disk is simply replaced (even with the same disk) and the array re-initialises the disk and brings it back online. Both of the test disks have been replaced into the array but we are unable to find how to re-initialise them and they are listed as "Broken".

We're a bit new to the operational aspects of Fujitsu storage systems and we've not yet found the right way to get software support. We've contacted Fujitsu who are unable to help other than offering a visit from an engineer to correct the problem even though we've bought a support contract. I'm assuming we've just not found the right place to ask the question as it seems a bit silly to have an engineer visit each time you need a button on a website to be clicked.

So I'm asking here to see what others have been doing.

Dr Jonathan Knight
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Re: Reinstate disk after testing fail over process

Postby Davie » Tue Jul 24, 2018 10:00

Check your private messages - I want to clarify something

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