QE805 drops off network

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QE805 drops off network

Postby rogercw1 » Wed Jul 12, 2017 13:36

Hi there,

I have a QE805 NAS with the latest version of firmware, for the past few weeks the device has been dropping off the network after about two days - only a cold restart solves the problem.
I've tried static addresses, DHCP addresses, one Ethernet port, dual Ethernet ports.
All the lights work, the network activity light flashes, the disks are all green. It just dies.
I have disks installed from the approved list - one Kingston SSD, one 1TB WD Red and one 2TB WD Red - all are operating as single disks, for the moment, the spare slot will be filled with another 2TB WD Red soon.

Any ideas what might be causing the problem, I have the virus scan running but have turned off Peer to Peer sharing.

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