CPU Upgrade Problem.

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CPU Upgrade Problem.

Postby rockyzoop » Fri Feb 24, 2017 12:36

Hello everyone! I have a Fujitsu Esprimo E900 with a D3062-A1 mainboard, Pentium G645 , 8Gb RAM DDR3 1333MHz and Ati HD 5770 1Gb DDR5. Yesterday I changed the G645 CPU with a i5-2400. Everything works perfect except those:
- I can install Chrome/Opera but they doesn't work (if i acces them, they close). Only Firefox works.
- If i try to play MKX or H1Z1, they closes after logos (before Menu appears). No error shows.
- If i play GTA 5, after first mission , game closes with (GTA5.exe has stopped working) and i see in the description error code c0000005 (which is acces violation).
Sometimes, video driver crashes , even installation.
If i put back the G645 those games works.

I've tried everything, updated bios,updated with all Fujitsu drivers, tried Win7 Ultimate , Pro....but nothing works.

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Re: CPU Upgrade Problem.

Postby Diplodocus » Tue May 02, 2017 11:23

Hi there,

Have you tried updating the BIOS to the latest on the Fujitsu downloads page. In the release notes there is a CPU microcode update. this could potentially resolve your issues. Link to BIOS update below:

http://support.ts.fujitsu.com/indexdown ... D23BFA1C3C

Diplodocus :D
Diplodocus :D

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