Fujitsu Primergy TX 300 S7 Server

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Fujitsu Primergy TX 300 S7 Server

Postby dba » Mon Nov 16, 2015 19:42

Dear Experts,

I have Fujitsu Primergy TX300 S7 Tower Server below is the details of the server :-

Serial no:-YLAX002832

Our Requirement:-

OPTION A : We would like to use full storage without RAID. Means using all 3 HDD (2TB each). This option will give us 6 TB total.

-- OR --

OPTION B : Mirror 2 HDD as RAID 1 & leave other HD unprotected. This way we get 4 TB total storage.


Removed two hard disks & installed Windows server 2008 on one HDD only. After that I shutdown the server & connected the other two HDD's. But my Windows is not detecting the new HDD's. Used Server View Suite for the installation.

Please help me what to do. As this is very urgent for me.


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Re: Fujitsu Primergy TX 300 S7 Server

Postby me@work » Tue Nov 17, 2015 9:44

Dear User,

Please choose from these options:

0 - Get in contact with your local Support partner, and ask for on-site service.

1 - Determine where the disks are connected, actually. Is the disk backplane connected to the onboard controller, or is there a SAS RAID controller installed?

1a - Onboard -> probably not. As in that configuration, the disks would have been detected one by one each. But keep this in mind as a configuration option.

1b - Additional RAID controller -> Here, single disks do not get automatically passed through one by one. You need to configure one RAID0 for each of the disks you wish to "see" in your OS. Use ServerStart's SV RAID Manager for configuration, or the controller's Web BIOS during system boot.

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