Recovery BIOS CELCIUS H710

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Recovery BIOS CELCIUS H710

Postby rachad20653 » Mon Nov 03, 2014 18:23

The Recovery BIOS resides in its own area in the Flash EEPROM; it is well protected from corruption and
available even after a disastrous flashing attempt. If required, use the following method to recover the BIOS:
1. Turn off the computer, disconnect the A/C power cable and open the case

2. According to your type of mainboard, set jumper to: “Enable System BIOS recovery”; see table below for the jumper settings

3. Close the chassis, reconnect the A/C cable
4. Insert a BIOS Update diskette (see section “How to update the BIOS?”) or an USB Memory Stick
and turn the computer on
5. Watch the sounds from the system speaker
The BIOS recovery was successful when you hear beeps in the sequence ”short-short-long-longlong”
and the floppy activity light turns off. The BIOS recovery may take a few minutes.
6. Turn off the computer, disconnect the AC cable and open the chassis
7. Reset the jumpers to their original position
8. Close the chassis, reconnect the A/C cable and remove the diskette or USB Memory Stick
9. Turn on the computer and enter the BIOS-Setup. (Press the <F2> key during Boot)
10. Select “Get Default Values” in the menu EXIT
11. In the menu “EXIT”, choose “Save Changes & Exit”
The computer will now reboot and the BIOS Recovery is complete.

My question: How do I activate the bios recovery method for this type of Laptop CELSIUS H710.

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