M532 Sd card

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M532 Sd card

Postby longmanjon » Fri Feb 01, 2013 15:58

i added an external 32GB sd card to my m532 although it sees it in the settings i cannot save anything there.
how can i access the card from file explorer etc, as i want to store my movies there?

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Re: M532 Sd card

Postby ts095168 » Mon Jul 29, 2013 17:57

Couple of suggestions:
A lot of the ebay type SD cards are cr*p, so may be worth trying it with another card. Saying that I tried copying data direct to the SD card via a USB adaptor. Didn't work. However installing the SD into the M532 and then using USB to USB Micro-B cable to link it to my PC meant Win 7 discovered both the internal memory of the M532, but also the external SD card.
Further point to remember is to formal the SD as a NTFS not FAT32. Android recognises NTFS and you can now copy those big 4Gb+ MKV films to the card (again via the PC).

Hope this helps.

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