R550 RAM Upgrade Problems

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R550 RAM Upgrade Problems

Postby fow0ryl » Tue Oct 23, 2012 22:42

I'm running Citrix-XEN on two R550 Workstations. Each with 4 Pieces of 2GB RAM. BIOS is al 1.6.xx Version.
Because 8GB is not very much I tried to upgrade to 4 * 4GB, but without success.

Thats what the Manual say's about Memory.
- Registered ECC FBD DDR-2 667/533
- Automatic memory bus frequency setting based on memory configuration and memory SPD information (to be adjusted by BIOS)
- Four 240-pin DIMM sockets
- Maximum memory capacity: 16GB

I have replaced the 2GB modules with 4 Modules ´´hynix 4GB 4Rx8 PC2 5300F-555-11´´ but when I start the machine nothing happens.
No beep, nothing. Then I tried 2 * 2GB + 2 * 4GB. But I get the same result.
Then I tried to use only 2 4 GB modules. I get both machines working with 8 GB RAM regardless of using DIMM 0,1 or 3,4.

Since both machines are working with 4 * 2GB or 2 * 4 GB in Slot 0/1 or 2 * 4 GB in Slot 2/3 I assume that the slots are ok.
All 4GB RAM Modules seem to be ok too, because they work when using only pairs of modules.

How to get the machines runnng with 4 * 4 GB?


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Re: R550 RAM Upgrade Problems

Postby sabrex » Tue Oct 30, 2012 17:33

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