Amilo Li 2735 overheats - diagnostics?

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Amilo Li 2735 overheats - diagnostics?

Postby turboscrew » Tue Sep 11, 2012 13:17

Does anybody know if there is a good diagnostics SW for Li 2735 that could also show the fan speed?
SpeedFan doesn't seem to find any fans.

It looks like my laptop is overheating and the fan speed still doesn't seem to change.

Also, has anybody any idea if there is more configuration entities in the BIOS than the
Phoenix TrustedCore Setup Utility shows?
(Phoenix Technologies LTD V1.07 1/16/2008)

Are there any other pieces of SW that could be used for accessing the BIOS configurations not accessible via
that TrustedCore?

If there is some setting for automatic fan speed in the BIOS, I'd like to check it.

I got to know that [fn][f11] halves the clock speed, but doesn't affect the fan even if a propeller-figure emerges in the Vista taskbar.

The chipset is Intel® GM 965 Express Chipset and the sensor-(s/c)hip is G792?
The MoBo is LV2 made by Wistron.
The fan seems to be 3-line.

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Re: Amilo Li 2735 overheats - diagnostics?

Postby sabrex » Tue Oct 09, 2012 10:19

Im not aware of a program. you may have to just obtain some heat paste for the cpu and just clean off the old crap and put the new stuff on. Also checking your cpu fan is clean (use an air can)
If the unit stays on for more than 30 mins it might be worth updating your bios aswell to: 1.10
BIOS DOS Flash (Disc-Image) - AMILO Li273x 1.10
21.05.2009 which can help in heating matters

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Re: Amilo Li 2735 overheats - diagnostics?

Postby salsheikh » Wed Oct 02, 2013 15:16

my Li3910 overheats too so i have got myself a laptop cooler and this helps. My thighs used to get hot due to the heat given off and now a laptop cooler from Asda does the job of keeping it cool. ... B002Q8X3L2

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