H700 Celsius no wireless connection

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H700 Celsius no wireless connection

Postby rumlee » Fri Jan 27, 2012 13:33

After a friend used my computer using a LAN I cant use my wireless network anymore. It advises me to enable wireless communikation by pressing the button on the front. I tried this but still not enabled. I really need some help getting my wireless network and bluetooth to work. I tried system recovery. Did not help. Please help me. :cry:

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Re: H700 Celsius no wireless connection

Postby sabrex » Wed Oct 03, 2012 15:31

there is also a Wireless button (as part of the application buttons) in addition to the Wireless on/off slider switch. The Wireless on/off slider turns off all the Wireless devices - WLAN, Bluetooth and UMTS. This is useful for when flying or in locations where wireless devices must be turned off. The Wireless button brings up the Wireless Selector Configuration box. This enables you to choose which of the Wireless devices you want enabled. For instance, you may choose to disable certain devices to save battery power.

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