Cannot run W7 on V8010

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Cannot run W7 on V8010

Postby lolsa » Wed Jun 06, 2012 9:35

This is a very strange problem that i have on both my Amilo Pro V8010 laptops.
It first started when i got them. The computer told me that i just had 64mb graphic memory but that i solved by updating BIOS. I had been trying to install W7 back then when i didnt know it just was 64mb so when i fixed that i thought i fixed the W7 problem to. But no... Even now i cant run W7.

When the W7 setup has restarted and wants to start Windows i get bluescreen. Same as when i had 64mb memory. Acording to the W7 ''check if u can install W7'' program it says my graphic card cant run Windows Aero.
I have been trying with both starter and ultimate. I dont know whats wrong... Everyone else can run W7 but not me?

Please help me with this annoying problem!!!

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