[si1520 / v3205] CPU upgrade

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[si1520 / v3205] CPU upgrade

Postby artiwal » Tue Sep 06, 2011 18:08

I'm wondering if anyone tried upgrading CPU in Amilo si1520 or v3205? As far as I know Fujitsu supports Intel Core 2 Duo up to T7200 (2,0 GHz). I did some small researching and I know that T7200, T7400 and T7600 (2,33 GHz) are using the same slot, having the same power consumption, the same voltage and the same FSB speed. In this situation notebook should be capable to use T7600 CPU. I'm wondering if BIOS 1.20 has implemented handling this processor and if build in cooling system is able to handle bigger heat production. Anyone has tried such an upgrade? Thanks in advance.

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Re: [si1520 / v3205] CPU upgrade

Postby Caretaker » Wed Sep 07, 2011 12:38


I didn't tried it but i would recommend to try only the CPUs which are mentioned in the data sheet of each device. But if you really try a CPU which is not listed then the BIOS should be up to date .

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