Fujitsu Motherboard, Unable To Locate Manual

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Fujitsu Motherboard, Unable To Locate Manual

Postby Fugazi » Fri Aug 05, 2011 21:08


I have a motherboard removed from a system some time ago, the board is labelled W26361-W69-X-02 and W26361-W69-Z2-02-36. I'm trying to locate drivers and a manual .. but .. I don't have the ID of the system only the motherboard. I'll give as much information as I can and I hope that someone knows what system it came from;

CPU Socket = mPGA478B
RAM = 4 DDR Slots
2 IDE Connections & 2 SATA Connections, there is a Audio Digital out connection on the back connection panel .
The onboard graphics chip is marked Intel 752 on the board there are 5 PCI slots and a single AGP slot.

I know its a fairly old board, but I want to set it up as a server so it doesn't need to be ultra quick .. but I need the SATA connections.

Any Help would be really, really appreciated.

Thank you in advance

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Re: Fujitsu Motherboard, Unable To Locate Manual

Postby sabrex » Mon Aug 08, 2011 13:21

Possibly a D1107 (siemens board)
Can you check it with the PDF and see if it matches
(70.08 KiB) Downloaded 2621 times

all siemens boards have a white sticker in one corner with D****

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