need helping reformatting laptop

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need helping reformatting laptop

Postby chris82 » Fri Jun 10, 2011 17:08


I have my mums laptop ( esprimo mobile v5535 ) it has erased the OS its meant to run windows vista basic 32bit.

I have a vista disc not the one that came with the laptop as it came without one but one of my own.. i need to reformat the machine but it wont let me, when i turn it on it says windows is loading then after a few seconds i get to another screen that says system recovery options then a bigger box comes up with the following options in it.
Startup repair ( says something about there being no errors)
System restore ( there are no resotre points)
Windows complete System restore ( does nothing)
Windows memory diagnostic tool ( after hours of running said everything was fine)
and command prompt...
On command prompt it has changed the drive to X:\ not sure if there might be a prob there.

I'm not really used to laptops so any help i could get would be a bonus im more upto date with computers to be honest i just really need to get this sorted for my mum as she really needs it..

If you need anymore information please feel free to ask and i will answer you.

Thanx in advance for your help


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Re: need helping reformatting laptop

Postby sabrex » Thu Jun 16, 2011 10:21

Heres some picture instruction on install
If you use your own operating system not the one provided you will have a problem with windows authentication so you will need a 25 digit product key. (the one under unit is OEM and will not and cannot be used)

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