Reformatting Storagebird Lan2 500 GB


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Reformatting Storagebird Lan2 500 GB

Postby polomora » Fri Mar 25, 2011 7:34


I hope I haven't done something silly. I've been using this network drive for a few years and have been very happy with it. Yesterday, I decided to reformat the drive using the web interface. During the format the progress bar indicated the status of the operation, after which the drive disconnected itself from the network. The drive no longer works. I cannot connect to it from the web browser, and I cannot even ping it.

Does this mean the reformat also removed the operating system from the drive, and that it is no longer operable? Seems strange that the web interface would provide the option to reformat the drive, which would then remove the ability to be able to use the drive after the format.

Can anyone help?

Many thanks,

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Re: Reformatting Storagebird Lan2 500 GB

Postby lochness » Tue Mar 29, 2011 21:34

I do not believe you did something silly. The operating system, here also called "firmware" is not placed on the disk, it's in the internal flash memory of the device. So, I can guarantee you that my devices boot without a disk (even if this is not useful for storing data :wink: ).
Typically the formatting takes some time and after that, the device can be used again with the disk empty. I am not sure at the moment if the formatting of the disk via the web interfaces causes an automatic reboot or not, and I do not want to test this with my Storagebird LAN 2 now because I have data on it...
Maybe your Storagebird LAN 2 rebooted or crashed for some reason and forgot it's configuration. Then, it maybe has got an IP address via DHCP or it has got the default IP address (according to the manual). You should check if the device can be addressed with one of these possibilities. If you do not have any warantee on the device, you can try to open it and remove the hard disk. If the device cannot boot because of a hard disk failure that occurred while formatting, then this might help locating the problem.

By the way, the forum "Storage solutions" normally does not treat the home NAS devices, so to get better or sooner responses, you may want to try the Accessoires part of this forum or you can also visit the digital home forum (see my signature), there is a lot on Storagebird LAN 2.
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Re: Reformatting Storagebird Lan2 500 GB

Postby polomora » Wed Mar 30, 2011 19:51


Many thanks for your detailed and thoughtful reply.
You were right, the IP address had been reset to the default; this was why I wasn't able to reach it across the network
It is now working again perfectly.


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