suggestions for new hard drive ESPRIMO

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suggestions for new hard drive ESPRIMO

Postby durian22 » Sun Jan 09, 2011 20:21

so over xmas my hard drive trashed itself. it was running windows 7. somehow i got a report back that the computer didnt know where the hard drive started or finished.. it was partitioned in to two 80Gbs.

the only way i could get the machine back to life was to use nuke and boot, which took the windows rescue partition away. i am now running ubuntu meerkat.

the drive is showing up with bad sectors in its smart data.

so before i hastily rush out and buy a new drive, can anyone tell me whats safe to buy, knowing it will work first time. the machine has a 160gb wd right now. i wouldnt mind a larger drive, say 250/320 gb

any tips most welcome,

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Re: suggestions for new hard drive ESPRIMO

Postby sabrex » Mon Jan 10, 2011 10:14

From the datasheet:
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