Hangs on boot at Fujitsu splash screen

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Hangs on boot at Fujitsu splash screen

Postby rookeydooks » Fri Dec 10, 2010 12:51

V5535 was freezing with faint yellow/white horizontal lines as per my previous post. I have replaced the hard drive and installed the recovery cd.

Install went fine and comleted. This morning i turned it on from cold and booted up fine but then i rebooted and now it just hangs on boot up.

Its at the Fujitsu splash screen wher you can select F2 or F12. The blue bar at the bottom is just sat at around 10%.

Can't be hard drive thsi time ? Any ideas of what test to run.

I have the Dos Diagnostics disc. I'll keep trying to get it to load.

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Re: Hangs on boot at Fujitsu splash screen

Postby myxal » Fri Dec 10, 2010 23:16

What happens when you remove the HDD and try to boot from CD/USB? If you can get it to boot from either, run MemTest. Also, if you can get into BIOS, turn off the logo so that POST displays the classic memory counter and see if it reports any errors.

This sounds like a RAM/chipset/overheating problem.

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