[V3515] Windows 7

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[V3515] Windows 7

Postby Faith Rue » Thu Sep 02, 2010 15:33

Hello fellow Fujitsu laptop user,
Just lately my laptop crashed (my hard disk gave up on me) and now I got a new one. From 80 GB to 320 GB, so I thought maybe I can use Windows 7.
Now after finishing the installation of it, since I'm a film student, I have to check if I can watch video, now, even though my videos are high quality, it's all pixilated, the sound wont match the timing and all that jazz.
Someone old me it's because my Fujitsu, V 3515, is not supported by Windows 7.
Okay, I already know that part, so is there a way we can fix it???

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Re: Amilo Pro V3515 for Windows 7

Postby sabrex » Thu Sep 02, 2010 15:56

The most common cause will be VGA driver not installed (running standard VGA driver) and out of date or incorrect audio drivers.
Your video drivers should be an Embedded in VN896 Windows update install the Chrome9 WDDM driver. Some people have complained of black screen after this is done which was resolved by updating your bios.

Checking via we find this http://www.via.com.tw/en/support/tech_faq.jsp
Integrated Graphics
VIA has released Windows 7 drivers for the following chipsets:
VIA CN896, P4M900, VN896, VX800/820 series, VX855/VX875
So it should have installed your video OK.

So best thing to do first is check in Device manager -> start -> search box type "DEV" click on device manager above -> go down to display adapters and expand. What does it list your VGA as ?
What Bios are you running as it should be on Version: 1.0N. You can check by typing in the search box "system information" and check what bios it says you are on. If you need to download updated bios the link is here:

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