Vista won't boot up! She sit's in the boot screen!

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Vista won't boot up! She sit's in the boot screen!

Postby Via_The_Void » Mon Jul 26, 2010 12:11

Hi David here, my computer is an AMILO Desktop Li3410G with Vista Premium which I bought from Argos about two years ago for £299.

She is starting to get a pest! Sometimes when booting up she will sit in the Vista boot screen for ages and wont boot up. I have to switch her off and then on again, where she brings up the recovery screen, she never finds anything and always advises a system restore. I've tried system restore on countless occasions and a full restore at least once, she wont let me do another full restore as it insists there is an error and the recovery discs can only be used once! Even though I didn't use them, just the recovery software on the computer!

Some of the widgets on the Sidebar, particularly the clock and CPU meter I've had to switch off as they no longer work properly. She started this around the same time she wouldn't boot up properly. I suspect the operating system is corrupted in some way.

I have CA Internet Security Suite 2009 on the PC along with PrevX 3.0., System Mechanic is still on the PC even though it's out of date.

All I've done to the PC is put in a 1GB Ram into her to bring the Ram up to 3 gig.

The Systems Diagnostics Tool indicates there is a problem with the 6TO4 Network Adapter, it isn't installed correctly and recommends re-installing if from disc, which is impossible as no discs came with the machine. Does this have any bearing.

Additionally I thought the size of the drive was a 320GB, it's just Computer indicates 38.1 free of 76.0 on C drive, and 209 free of 213 on partition D, or is this correct?

What should I do? Does the PC need a complete system restore again? She only plays up every now and again but she's a real pest when she does it. I really love the machine, she only get's used mostly for surfing the internet and a bit of Word Processing, despite her playing up. Any help is appreciated.

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