v5535 - weird graphics problem

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v5535 - weird graphics problem

Postby brenski » Wed Mar 24, 2010 22:53

anyone with any ideas at all would be greatly appreciated.

firstly, to help anyone trying to help me - i have installed all updates and this has not fixed anything.

here's a brief description of problem:-
first noticed that when screensaver loads the laptop crashes.
this has happened twice now in last couple of days. tried to change screensaver settings - but just acessing that screen made laptop crash.
then found that i can play music in media player (and winamp), but as soon as i try and enable visualisations computer crashes (to a complete powerdown).
desktop screen always looks fine, and youtube (flash videos) play fine also...as does internet etc....it just appears to be anything playing video from a player....

anyone any ideas?

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Re: v5535 - weird graphics problem

Postby grybanas » Thu Mar 25, 2010 22:30

HI i think i have same problem :)
Can you change resolution?

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