E8010D Intel 855GM - Windows7

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E8010D Intel 855GM - Windows7

Postby snoops » Mon Nov 30, 2009 23:10

Even though there is no support for Windows7 it was not difficult to obtain the missing drivers after the base installation, except for the well-known trouble with the onboard Intel 82855GM graphics not being supported (see below).

E8010D with Intel PentiumM 1.70GHz and 2GB memory, BIOS 1.44
Windows7 Enterprise 32bit

Chipset, ultra ATA controller, onboard Broadcom gigabit ethernet and 1394 firewire:
Detected and installed during the Windows7 installation.

Intel 2200BG wireless:
Downloaded and installed the Vista drivers from Intel for the 2200BG wireless adapter.

Realtek AC97 onboard audio:
Drivers installed with Windows Update driver search.

Windows 7 driver version 1.23, for a different Lifebook model (search for FUJ02B1 in the support area).

Installed the XP driver from the E8010 downloads.

O2 Micro OZ711 CardBus Controller and Accelerator:
Installed the XP driver from the E8010 downloads.

Intel 82855GM onboard graphics:
The Intel drivers from Gateway work with my E8010D (driver part number 9527020) when other drivers have not yet been attempted (clean install).
They installed using the setup.exe with XP compatibility chosen (which added all the extra codec stuff for TV output). There is no Aero support for these old drivers, but I have the native 1400x1050 resolution of the panel and the DirectDraw video overlay is working fne in my video editing application.

I tried several other 82855GM drivers that did NOT work (the XP driver in the E8010 downloads fails, the Intel driver, other 82855GM drivers from Fujitsu, a driver that seems to work with certain notebooks, and drivers from a few other notebook companies). Most of them were initially accepted but then rejected with problems after booting, kicking Standard VGA back in. Or the system would just blue screen with their ialmnt5.sys.

I discovered that it makes a big difference whether or not a newer version of the Intel Unified Graphics are installed (like when manually added from Windows 7). After adding this from the Windows7 media, I could not get any Intel driver to work, even the 3722 that were working before. I did not investigate further because this was too deeply nested for me to figure out quickly, so I loaded a backup with the 3722 instead. Possibly the other newer drivers might work if this is installed first (legacy hardware) without the 3722 versions being anchored in the system. I dunno.

I'm staying with the drivers until I feel like experimenting again.

Device Manager overviews attached...
e8010d_2.JPG (103.55 KiB) Viewed 9093 times
e8010d_1.JPG (65.84 KiB) Viewed 9093 times

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Re: E8010D Intel 855GM - Windows7

Postby horst.rieger » Mon Feb 08, 2010 11:35

You can use the native Windows Vista Intel driver for win 7 , but to avoid the blue screen on startup you have to switch on "OS boot information ".
Direct after driver installation before rebooting: run-> msconfig-> boot-> check OS boot information .
(to avoid resolution change on windows startup , that causes the blue screen)
If you have the blue screen, reboot in safe mode and check OS boot information then.
Aero effects are not working , but full resolution is gained.

Download links can be found here:
http://vinf.net/2009/01/12/windows-7-an ... -solution/

If somebody finds a working driver with AERO effects for Intel 855GM , pls. post.

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Re: E8010D Intel 855GM - Windows7

Postby irazor » Tue May 18, 2010 10:49

There is and probably ever won't be a driver for 855gm that supports Aero. An Intel engineer once said that the final specifications for WDDM have requirements that can't be met with the 855gm internal hardware. So this is no driver problem.

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