AC connection or interior DC pin?

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AC connection or interior DC pin?

Postby boydpatty » Tue Sep 22, 2009 17:46

I could use some advice on how to solve the problem of my AC power cutting out with only a slight movement of the cable. This happend with an older laptop (different brand) and I got this Amilo as a replacement. In the past I bought a new AC cable (universal) thinking that was the problem. I believe it's the interior DC pin (in both cases) that has become too sensitive. I don't move my laptop often, but a slight re-adjustment of the AC cable causes the machine to swicth to the battery power. Has anyone else experienced this? My battery life is getting shorter by the day! I don't want to have to take the machine apart but am prepared to with some guidance. Hope you can help...thanks

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Re: AC connection or interior DC pin?

Postby amater » Wed Sep 30, 2009 12:28

It is possible that the power is breaking due to a loose/faulty soldering on the DC plug - I have seen that on few occasions. The notebook had to be taken apart and the DC plug had to be resoldered on the mainboard.

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