[Pa 2663] Boot problems


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[Pa 2663] Boot problems

Postby asciimonster » Tue Sep 01, 2009 21:54

I've been having trouble with my Scaleo Pa 2663. I'm having a variety of problems including:
- Sudden system freezes.
- Sudden system resets.
- No BIOS start.
- Unexplained kernel exceptions/BSOD while startup. However, after a reset, the system loads fine.

Looking back this has always happened now and again since I bought it. But it got steadily worse. In fact, this is my third attempt to create this post. The computer crashes almost every time I try to boot. Eventually, when the system warms up it does work without problems.

A typical "cold" boot would go something like this:
- Switch on PC.
- System boots fine
- After a few minutes (approx. 5 min.) the system freezes. (Even mouse will not move across screen)
- Ctrl-Alt-Del DOESN'T WORK. (doesn't work as in no response from the system...I mean it's really frozen)
- Press Power button -> No change.
- Keep Power button pressed -> It switches off.
- Press Power again -> Now several of the following can happen:
* Fans start spinning but nothing else happens. Even the monitor stays in low-power mode.
* BIOS welcome screen is shown but will not go to second screen.
* BIOS goes to second screen but will not load any further.
* BIOS completes successfully but OS fails to load with odd message or BSOD.
* BIOS and OS load successfully, but either locks up or reboots itself after a few minutes.
- Switch off power and try again
-> This cycle repeats a few times, with varying degrees of success.
- For nu reason the system suddenly boots completely and works flawlessly until I switch it off for the night.

To rule out software failure I've tried:
- Reinstalling OS.
- Trying different OS (other than Vista) from boot disk.
- Installing other OS and run that.
=> All the OS's have the same symptoms. This indicates that this is hardware related, not software related.

Other things I've tried:
- Switching unit on with power cord detached. Then plug black in and start -> Didn't help.
- Install BIOS update -> Didn't help.

I sincerely do not hope any of you recognize these symptoms. But if you do please help me, I'm out of ideas.

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Re: [Pa 2663] Boot problems

Postby asciimonster » Wed Sep 02, 2009 22:13

Browsing through this forum I noticed other people have posted boot/freezing problems as well. I see at least 5 messages on the first page alone. Perhaps Fujitsu could look into this.

I'm going to replace this unit. It's a shame, it's just be 1.5 years old.

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Re: [Pa 2663] Boot problems

Postby Sollykays » Thu Sep 03, 2009 13:13

After all the Boot problems, I have formated the Hard Drive - Re-install Windows XP and now I cannot find my Drivers Disk - Can you help? = Sollykays

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Re: [Pa 2663] Boot problems

Postby bubblegum » Thu Sep 03, 2009 21:41

go to http://support.ts.fujitsu.com/com/suppo ... loads.html

you can download most of the drivers from there, then after installing, backup or image your disk.
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Re: [Pa 2663] Boot problems

Postby BlaDiBla3 » Fri Feb 17, 2012 10:53

Hi there,

I'm currently helping a friend, who has these exact same symptons.
Has anybody found a solution to the problems?


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