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[M420] No POST

Postby hyperionomg » Mon Jul 20, 2009 8:21

Celsius M420 Workstation (default components). Computer in question won't P.O.S.T anymore. After powering up(no beeps), the monitor only displays a black screen. Tried changing the Memory, Graphic card and CPU with exactly the same ones (even the monitor) and the same happends, which only leaves me to believe that the problem is cause by a fried BIOS or MB.

We are still hopping it's a BIOS problem since MB would be unfixable. We then dried removing the CMOS battery and letting it reset, but if bios has some other form of storage then even leaving it out for a year wont help. After that we used the BIOS Recovery feature. The floppy boots the disk,even though we can't see because of the back screen we can here the floppy drive reading it, and after some time 4 beeps come, 2 short 2 long.

We are currenty stuck and have no more ideas other than getting a programer and rewritting the BIOS or changing the MB. Is there anyway of just replacing the BIOS chip with one sent from you? since reprograming is quite hard and time consuming !

Tank you, DARMES SRL.

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Postby FujitsuJack » Tue Dec 15, 2009 20:55

I Am Having Exactly The Same Problem, If Anyone Can Help A Solution Is Needed Intantly

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