Amilo mini Ui 3520 problem

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Amilo mini Ui 3520 problem

Postby s5zax » Fri May 01, 2009 17:14

Hello and good month to everbody! Just yesterday i bought an Amilo Ui 3520. Netbook is perfect but today the first strange problem appeared. I cannot terminate the netbook. I select turn off from windows start menu, windows start to terminate but netbook makes a restart. The only way to set the netbook of is by removing the battery or ac power supply :shock: :o . Also if there is no supply to the netbook (no battery, no ac power) and a power source connects to the netbook, it opens on its own without pressing the start button. Any idea?

Regards Zak!

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Re: Amilo mini Ui 3520 problem

Postby MikeyMouse » Thu Jan 20, 2011 16:41

YOu may have a BIOS issue. Enter the BIOS and check that all the wake up settings are disbaled. Failing that you may want to re-flash the BIOS but be aware you screwup the BIOS by doing this :idea:

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