Creating a volume on SX80

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Creating a volume on SX80

Postby MarkM » Thu Feb 12, 2009 16:26

Hi folks,
in my new job i have inherited a SX80 san.

we want to create a new volume on a disk which is currently using a 500gb volume for exchange mailstore.

we want to allocate the remaining 1tb for this new volume.

having little experience of this kit previously, can you tell me if creating this volume will

a) take a long time
b) affect performance on the exchange store

My impression is that it wont. I know "expanding" a volume will affect performance however we only want to create one here.

Has anyone else performed this simple function during working hours?

any help would be great thanks.

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Re: Creating a volume on SX80

Postby FSC830 » Fri Feb 13, 2009 10:43

Its a quick operation and lasts only a few seconds.
I've created new volumes during normal operation hours without getting a performance impact, but I guess this might also depends of the load the sx80 has to serve.
Its a complete different task than expanding a volume.


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