Fujitsu Multi-Function Keyboard (SK-2500-2D)

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Fujitsu Multi-Function Keyboard (SK-2500-2D)

Postby davidmcc3 » Mon Nov 17, 2008 13:10

This keyboard came with a Fujitsu P111 PC in the late '90s - it has a set of small, rounded keys top-right for controlling sound playback, CD drive etc.

I opened the k/b to clean it, and all these little keycaps fell out - not all have a printed legend on the k/b casing, so I don't know where they all belong!

I still have the Fujitsu documentation, but there's no picture of the keyboard.

Does anyone have a picture of the k/b they could send (or does someone know where the keycaps belong).

See my pic of the k/b - oops! now you can see why k/b needs cleaning!

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Re: Fujitsu Multi-Function Keyboard (SK-2500-2D)

Postby bubba_x » Sun Jan 11, 2009 19:28

certainly it needs cleansing!!

Here is a picture you might need after cleaning.

fujitsu sk-2500-2d
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