Amilo xi1526 cpu upgrade

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Amilo xi1526 cpu upgrade

Postby heep » Sun May 08, 2016 21:37

Hi people,

I like my old xi1526, it runs OK so far but I want to boost it a little.
Can I put in it a T7600 or a T2700 ?

Never really updated the system so maybe the bios won't run with the new CPU...
I also did read that the clock multiplier could also make problems.

Can you highlight me ?

Here is my actual specs:


Code: Select all

Property   Value
Number of CPU(s)   One Physical Processor / 2 Cores / 2 Logical Processors / 64 bits
CPU Full Name   Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU T5500 @ 1.66GHz
CPU Name   Intel Mobile Core 2 Duo T5500
CPU Code Name   Merom
Platform Name   Socket 479 mPGA
Revision   B2
Technology   65 nm
Instructions   MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, ET64, XD, EST
Original Clock   1666 MHz
Original System Clock   166 MHz
Original Multiplier   10.1
CPU Clock   1669 MHz
System Clock   166.3 MHz
FSB   665.1 MHz
Core 0 Speed   1662.6 MHz
Core 0 Multiplier   10.0
Core 1 Speed   1662.6 MHz
Core 1 Multiplier   10.0
L1 Data Cache   2 x 32 KBytes
L1 Instructions Cache   2 x 32 KBytes
L2 Cache   2048 KBytes


Code: Select all

Property   Value
Manufacturer   FUJITSU SIEMENS
Model   AMILO Xi 1526
Version   Not Applicable
Serial Number   Not Applicable
North Bridge   Intel i945PM Revision 03
South Bridge   Intel 82801GHM (ICH7-M/U) Revision 03
CPU   Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU T5500 @ 1.66GHz
Cpu Socket   Socket 479 mPGA
System Slots   5 PCI
Memory Summary   
Maximum Capacity   3072 MBytes
Memory Slots   2
Error Correction   None


Code: Select all

Property   Value
BIOS Version   1.17
BIOS Date   09/29/2006
DMI Version   2.4
Characteristics   - supports ISA
   - supports PCI
   - supports PC Card (PCMCIA)
   - supports Plug-and-Play
   - supports APM
   - upgradeable (Flash) BIOS
   - allows BIOS shadowing
   - ESCD support is available
   - supports booting from CD-ROM
   - supports ACPI
   - supports legacy USB
   - supports AGP
   - BIOS Boot Specification supported


Code: Select all

Property   Value
Name   Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2
Features   Terminal Services in Remote Admin Mode, Media Center Edition, Multiprocessor Free, OEM-Version
Activation Status   Activated
Checked Build   No
Boot Device   \Device\HarddiskVolume1
System Device   \Device\HarddiskVolume1
Kernel Version   5.1.2600.2765
Security   128 bits
Product Name   Microsoft Windows XP
Build Lab   2600.xpsp.050928-1517
Hardware DEP Available   Yes
DEP for 32 Bits Applications   Yes
DEP for Drivers   No
DEP Policy   OptIn (only Windows system binaries)
Windows Update's version number   5.4.3790.2180
Automatic Updates   Turn off Automatic Updates
System Restore   Enabled

Thank you

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Re: Amilo xi1526 cpu upgrade

Postby Caretaker » Tue Jun 07, 2016 12:33

Hello heep,

according the datasheet it was possible to order the device with the following processors:
CPU: Intel® Core™ Duo processor
T2300E (1.66GHz, 667 MHz, 2MB L2 cache)
T2400 (1.83GHz, 667 MHz, 2MB L2 cache)
T2500 (2.0GHz, 667 MHz, 2MB L2 cache)
T2600 (2.16GHz, 667 MHz, 2MB L2 cache)

Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor
T5200 (1.6GHz, 533 MHz, 2MB L2 cache)
T5500 (1.66GHz, 667 MHz, 2MB L2 cache)
T5600 (1.83GHz, 667 MHz, 2MB L2 cache)
T7200 (2.0GHz, 667 MHz, 4MB L2 cache)

You may have luck if another one is working but i assume that your mentioned processors are not working.

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