DMI SMBIOS problem - fixing deleted serial number

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DMI SMBIOS problem - fixing deleted serial number

Postby Steve-n » Wed Jul 29, 2015 16:03


I have got a Fujitsu Esprimo mobile V6535 (a.k.a. Wistron D45/46 - Model MS2239).
The strange thing is that it lost the DMI information like serial number etc. for a few days - suddenly. (I think it happens after a BIOS update.)

Common Award, AMI, Phoenix DMI tools, which use the DMI function 52h are not able to fix the problem.

Trying these tools to attempt to change the DMI:
+ DMIFLASH and many more (within real DOS)
+ DMIScope (inside Windows)
+ Phoenix WinPhlash DMI-writing features

...results into a frozen state of the notebook. ... 031100.png
Image ... 031120.png
Image ... 031163.png
(It does not matter if I change serial number, Asset Tag or any other DMI value.
While saving/storing the changes, the Esprimo Mobile V6535 crashes.)

Fujitsu Siemens DMI Tools like "SERIALNO" (DOS tool, also tried under real DOS) and "CSN" (Windows Console tool) are also not able to fix the problem with the wrong serial number.

I would like to change the "YYYYYYYYYY" back to the right original serial number (YKLK181904). ... 031073.jpg

Opening the BIOS file (V6535 ver. 1.16 or 1.22) inside the Phoenix BIOS editor shows that the "default DMI" inside the BIOS file is/was for an V6505 board. ... 031183.png

So while booting a Fujitsu Esprimo mobile V6535, it seems to be that the DMI will be updated (e.g. "V6505" will be overwritten with: "V6535") everytime the notebook starts.

Where are these information ("V6535" and: "YYYYYYYYYY" ) are stored in?

Beside the BIOS Flash EEPROM (Winbond W25X16), is there a further EPROM (which stores DMI information like serial number and board name etc...) on the V6535 board?

How can I fix the wrong "YYYYYYYYYY" DMI entry?

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