Amilo Li1705 graphics driver

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Amilo Li1705 graphics driver

Postby cyclopse » Tue Feb 12, 2013 0:21

I am having significant trouble loading a suitable graphics driver for the above. I know the laptop has built in graphics from VIA.

First I tried Windows 7 and every driver would cause a blue screen on reboot and then would restore to an earlier point.

Now trying windows 8 and everything working until I try and change the generic graphics driver. Have track tried the suggested drivers on this forum and device not even fully loading the graphics driver.

Any help gratefully received.


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Re: Amilo Li1705 graphics driver

Postby sabrex » Tue Feb 12, 2013 14:39
yours is the VN896

*see w7 release
Vn896.jpg (58.06 KiB) Viewed 10166 times

w8 i just dont know but the link above states:
Q: Where can I get graphics or display drivers for Windows 8 for my VIA integrated chipset?
A: VIA has released Windows 8 drivers for the VX11 Media System Processor, available through the driver portal. The VX900 drivers for Windows 7 do also support Windows 8 and VIA is working with Microsoft to have them re-classified as Windows 8 drivers. Until then, the VX900 drivers for Windows 7 can be used as a solution for Windows 8, available through the driver portal.

Older VIA chipsets (than the VX900 and VX11) can run Windows 8 using the default drivers built into Windows 8, but some graphical features of Windows 8 may not be supported and it is not recommended

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