Amilo Notbook Pa 3553 Black screen

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Amilo Notbook Pa 3553 Black screen

Postby Hervé » Wed Aug 03, 2011 8:54

Need help…laptop wont start up…only black screen…can hear fan running and cd rom, but only black screen…help please

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Re: Amilo Notbook Pa 3553 Black screen

Postby Caretaker » Wed Aug 03, 2011 9:11

What happens if you connect an external monitor to the device? Can you see a picture then?
Can you hear the windows sound after some time?
Remove Battery, AC-Adapter, press the power button a view seconds and connect both again. Try to turn on the device now.
What was the last action you have done with the device?

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Re: Amilo Notbook Pa 3553 Black screen

Postby otheos » Fri Aug 17, 2012 21:54

I think this is now becoming an issue with many 3553's.

Mine does the same. I can hear the fan starting, the DVD-Rom spining, then, 2 seconds later, everything stops. The power button is lit, ditto the blue leds (power/battery/Wifi), the DVD-Rom does eject if I press the button, and the camera comes on and off (Func+F7), but no matter how long I leave it, removing/replacing the battery, the power, it wont start and the screen stays black.

It can take up to half an hour powering on and off before it does come up. I fear one day it will just not start up again.

I have thought that maybe the monitor is misbehaving and that it is trying to output to HDMI/VGA and will check soon.

For now I thing there's something really wrong there for some of us...

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Re: Amilo Notbook Pa 3553 Black screen

Postby GeorgF » Wed Aug 22, 2012 10:40

I have the same problem.
Are there any hints to solve it?

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Re: Amilo Notbook Pa 3553 Black screen

Postby keponteam » Mon May 27, 2013 15:30

Hi, and sorry for my English.

i've same problem.

Last time i've started my laptop, everything was fine.
I had skype with my girlfriend for an hour, and had a firefox session.

After that, nothing happen, my computer shutdown normaly.

But yesterday, when i've tried to start my laptop, i had the same problem.
All the light are ok, dvd drive and fans spining, but the screen remain black.
I've tried to start it many times, on the battery, without battery, etc...... but nothing happen.

i've plugged it on the AC adapter, and forgot it for an hour.
When i'm back and tried again, it's started. All was ok, i can surf on internet, watch video, music, etc.....

This morning, i've tried to start it another time pschit !!!!!! black screen again.

Any idea?
I suppose this problem can come from the CMOS battery. what do you think about it?

And sorry for my English :-(

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