Graphic Upgrade for 1437g?

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Graphic Upgrade for 1437g?

Postby Reza1207 » Thu Nov 22, 2007 15:48

For second time my X700 get damaged, and now i should pay for another one, but because of X700's Shader Model (2) i want to upgrade it to a 3 one.According to Amilo Xi 1554's Data sheet, theres X1900 Mobility Radeon for laptops and F&S should have it in Support Centers.
But does it work in 1437g? i mean is there any differences in shape or heat sink or VGA slot between X700 and X1900? :?:
Thanks in Advance.

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Re: Graphic Upgrade for 1437g?

Postby vale » Thu Jan 02, 2014 23:40

No te aconsejo que cambies nada ,la placa base es inconpatible con la tarjeta gráfica y fujitsu no lo quiere reconocer ati radeon x700 sólo aguanta aproximadamente 1 año.
Yo compraría Asus están según estudios de mercado los portátiles que menos se estropean y te garantizan 2 años.
Si compras tarjeta y arreglas te cobraran aproximadamente 250€ a 300€ yo por un poco más compro uno nuevo

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