possible battery problem

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possible battery problem

Postby komanek » Fri May 17, 2013 11:37


I use the Celsius H270 and I am very proud of it, there were no hw issues for all the years. But now I have a strange problem: Working on battery causes the operating system to freeze (Vista 64bit) in a few minutes - cannot move mouse pointer, cannot click, cannot type, but the image is still here, fans are working. Hard reset is the only way. If I put a secondary battery in the cd/dvd-bay, it works fine until this extra battery is discharged. So I suppose the problem might lie in the internal battery, but I want to be sure before I give out the money for a new one. If the problem is a dying motherboard or something like that, it probably would not be worth of repairing after 4 and half year of life.

Please, is there a tool which I could use to check the battery health ?

Concerning the described symptoms, are they somewhat typical for a specific issue ?

Thank you in advance.


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