e754 - Numeric keypad doesn't work at all

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e754 - Numeric keypad doesn't work at all

Postby pimentalo » Thu Aug 16, 2018 9:36


After changing thermal paste on my Lifebook e754, my keyboard doesn't work as expected.
It behaves like a 14" laptop keyboard without numeric keypad.
  • No key on the numeric keypad is working
  • The numeric keypad number are mapped on letters: (789, UIO,JKL)
  • The "Num lock" key doesn't work. With "fn"+"Num lock", it seems the computer act as if I pressed "Print screen"
I tryed to force the keyboard in 101/102 keys by forcing the Windows driver - to no avail.

Any idea?


-- Edit
I disabled numlock with a software so I can type text. After a few days, I can now say that:
  • Alt-Gr key is not working (Ctrl + Alt is working)
  • Insert/Del key are not working
  • But Fn+Fxxx combinations seem to work (especially for backlight and volume)

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