Upgrading my Lifebook AH531

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Upgrading my Lifebook AH531

Postby stepat80 » Sat Apr 21, 2018 22:10


Just wondering if I can get a bit of advice on upgrading my Lifebook AH531.

My Standard HDD failed and I’m thinking of replacing it with an SSD. As I’ve been poking around looking at where the hard drive is I found where the RAM and CPU go and it doesn’t seem too hard for a novice to replace. I’m thinking of replacing all 3 as they aren’t that expensive with it being older tech (except maybe the CPU). I just have a few questions before I start buying upgrades.

Am I correct in thinking that when replacing the HDD with an SSD I only need to make sure it’s 2.5”. Something like a 250gb Samsung 850 or 860 Evo will work no problem?

Also with the RAM, as long as I match what the data sheet says is in it now (DDR3 1333Mhz) any memory will work? And the max is 8gb according to the data sheet, is that per slot or in total as there are 2 slots?

And finally the CPU is a bit confusing as I found two similar data sheets, one for an AH531 and another for an “anti-glare” AH531. They’re almost identical data sheets but the list of CPUs differ on each.

Anti glare AH531 - https://sp.ts.fujitsu.com/dmsp/Publicat ... iglare.pdf

AH531 - https://sp.ts.fujitsu.com/dmsp/Publicat ... K-A531.pdf

My Lifebooks current CPU (i3-2310M) is only listed on the standard data sheet so I assume the CPUs on this sheet (including the i7) would fit as it’s listed on the same data sheet. If that’s the case would an i7-2620M be fine just to put in my AH531 or would I need to change the fan as the CPU is more powerful?

Any help is appreciated.


Fujitsu Lifebook A Series AH531 i3-2310M

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Re: Upgrading my Lifebook AH531

Postby daroca » Tue Jun 26, 2018 9:31

I upgraded my Lifebook AH531/GFO with

- a 256GB SSD (check for the maximum height you can use, I think it is 9mm max.),
- 16GB RAM (2x8GB, it is 8GB per slot),
- and swapped the DVD drive for an additional 1TB HDD.

The OS, swap space and additional software is on the SSD, all my data are on the HDD. Works like a charm on Linux Mint 18.3, it boots to the login screen within 2-3 seconds.

I found your post only a couple of days ago, hope this is still helpful.

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