Rotation Lock button greyed out

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Rotation Lock button greyed out

Postby singlecanoer » Fri Jan 19, 2018 19:04

Have some Lifebook P 727s. Had ver 1703 of Windows 10 Pro installed and auto screen rotation worked. Upgraded to 1709 and it stopped. Even in Tablet mode, Rotation lock is disabled. Doesn't matter if it is folder as a laptop or tablet either, the button remains greyed out.

I can manually change orientation between landscape and portrait but Rotation lock is turned on and I can't turn it off.

Updated the sensor drivers but no change. Changed a registry entry to enable it but when the computer reboots, it's disabled again.

I've tried everything that I can find on Windows 10 forums but none of them worked. I do not have a policy disabling the button and cannot find a way to enable it.

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