Intermittent wireless connection

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Intermittent wireless connection

Postby CBfarmgirl » Mon Jan 15, 2018 16:32

My Lifebook U745/14 has intermittent wifi issues. Sometimes when I look at the Network Connections, the internal wifi connector is visible - and other times, it is simply not there so cannot connect to it.
If I restart, it most often 'reappears' and connection then works fine.
Any suggestions of how to keep it from disappearing or alternatively, is there a h/w fix that is worth doing.
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Re: Intermittent wireless connection

Postby hum » Fri Jun 29, 2018 20:21

Are you on the latest driver? Sometimes it is recommended to be on an earlier driver. Might want to try different drivers. It looks like your computer even has a "wireless radio switch driver"...

Try different drivers before taking your computer apart. Microsoft deletes drivers, resets settings and switches menus around during updates sometimes so go through your wireless drivers again and change them first...

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