LifeBook E754 problem from the beginning

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LifeBook E754 problem from the beginning

Postby vali_063 » Tue Oct 03, 2017 12:24

I have LifeBook E754 with Intel i7-4702 MQ. I had a great problem with the fan from the moment I bought the device. This notebook has a automatic fan control which works absolutely inappropriate. Actually, It turns at 52°C the fan on, and at 48°C off. This results in a 20 sek off, 10 sek on cycle. Really annoying!
I want to stress that my laptop was at official service centre and they clean it and also changed Thermal Grease. After that they even replace my motherboard and the problem still exists. I am not only who has this problem, there is a topic where people address the same problems that I have.

Look here -

I would be very grateful if you could make a configuration file for LifebookE754 that could be applicable for software NotebookFunControl ( Also, if you have any other method or idea such as new BIOS update that would solve the issue.

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