UH572 boot very slow

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UH572 boot very slow

Postby fibag21 » Mon Mar 20, 2017 14:27


I have an old UH572. In Windows 8.1, the boot time when on BIOS boot (seeing the Fujitsu logo on screen) could be very long already (in minutes).

I recently upgraded to Windows 10 x64 and changed the HDD for a Samsung Evo 850 SDD but this problem did not improve. Upgraded also to the latest 1.xx BIOS version available and performed a BIOS reset. Still no improvement.

Fujitsu HW diagnostic did report no problem.

Does anybody have a hint on a potential solution ?


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Re: UH572 boot very slow

Postby antikythera » Thu Jun 15, 2017 11:59

i know this is a late post, I've only just joined.

anyhow, if you are still seeking an answer, check the boot priority. Make sure any options you don't use are disabled or way down the list of priorities. That way, the notebook isn't searching over the LAN connection, trying to find media in an empty optical drive or non-existent USB floppy etc.
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