FDE / Full Disk Encryption

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FDE / Full Disk Encryption

Postby vstoeffler » Sat Feb 20, 2016 20:43

Dear experts,

I'm a new owner of a lifebook U745 and found many references to the security feature "Full Disk Encryption", but little to no documentation about it. Can somebody point me to a manual or advise
- how it is enabled? BIOS level or OS level?
- if it can be applied to a disk with an existing installation?
- if there is any way to read the disk from a different computer when knowing the key / password?

TIA & best regards
Volker Stöffler

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Re: FDE / Full Disk Encryption

Postby rjkoenig » Tue Oct 02, 2018 23:55

Dear Volker Stoeffler:

I can only share my own experience. I have a T731 and a T4220 - that shared the same Full Disk Encryption [FDE] password. They are very similar machines.The T4220 FDE drive failed and I replaced it with the T731 FDE drive. I was astonished -it worked. Wow!

I have no idea if you can take a naked U745 and configure the Boot's FDE to accept an FDE drive from your U745. Wow!

No documentation anywhere. Siemens/Fujitsu essentially out of business. If you want to secure your existing operating hard drive - just go ahead and set a password. Maybe I can send BIOS images for you. My sense is that once you encrypt a Fujitsu FDE that you not be able to ever repurpose that Hard Drive. I am not able to set a new partition on my FDE drive. In fact - another computer can't even "see it."

Maybe we should talk - I am in NYC.


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